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  • Vehicle Rental Software Solutions
  • Online Rent a Car Reservation System
  • Car Rental PHP Script with in-built Fleet Management System

Product features - Car renting solution

Determine availability of cars
Users can check real time availability of specific vehicles within the fleet or block them manually.

Manage contents effectively
Change page contents with ease to generate internal or external links

Specify charges for operations
User can customize charges for each and every type of operation. One can even add or delete changes in price rates, number of vehicles, locations, etc., print rental contracts and view reservations/ locations.

Secure multi-language support
The system can be used for providing services effectively and efficiently in any part of the world as it can be operated in multiple languages.

Pick-up and drop-off locations
Software has features which are flexible so as business grows more pick-up and drop-off locations can be added.

Branches and business hours
Enables creation of branches time zones and specify business hours for each location. It is also possible to set closing times on holidays throughout the year.

Location restrictions
Specify locations which have pick-up and drop-off facilities.

Manage car fleet by locations
It is possible to manage car fleets at different locations by using this software application.

Managing locations seasonally
With our customizable auto system, manage multiple locations seasons. Typically, prices charged for vary according to seasons.

Varying access level
The application has feature which enables to add multiple users.

Simplify the task of management
Assign roles and preset permissions to users for simplifying the task of management.

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  • Arrange car fleet in groups so that information is stored accurately.
  • Keep track of inventory efficiently so that there is no loss of valuable assets.
  • Maintain details of insurance policies with dates of premium payment.
  • Block reservations of vehicles at particular locations where demand is excessive.
  • Enter rates into the program and calculate the rates of vehicles to be rented.
  • Create multiple rate codes by creating a calendar day or 24 hour rate code.
  • Perform different calculations for clients including hotels, etc.
  • Customize messages pertaining to pick-up and drop-off.
  • Determine one way fees and set up optional extras for each of the vehicles in your fleet.
  • Book online reservations with ease. Calculate and fix amounts according to the number of miles/kms .
  • Update price rates charged for cars for various locations and sign contracts online .
  • Generate customized reports pertaining to financial transactions.
  • Display special discounts or rebates on your Home Page to attract clients.
  • Highlight price differences on a daily or weekly basis by using upgrade or downgrade option .
  • Customize program to meet current business rules and regulations.
  • Track website traffic conversions by using goals Google Analytics. Just paste your code in control panel.

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