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Get The Best Fleet Management Software And Secure Guaranteed ROI

If you are looking for a smart and intelligent fleet management program then for streamlining your daily rental business processes then you are at the right place. can provide you a highly customizable solution which will guarantee improved working efficiency and increased business profitability. To get started, act now!

A customized fleet rental software system could be capable of handling multiple tasks everyday and thus, reduce any need for employing unnecessary staff. Besides, it will also eliminate paperwork in your company and help you to control overall business costs.

Online Fleet Management System That Empowers Quick Business Decisions can keep track of all types of rental vehicles in your fleet and even enable booking reservations online after ascertaining vehicle availability for hire. Apart from real-time tracking of vehicles, user can also collect payments online through different options. To learn more about our software features, contact us today!

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Buy Powerful Fleet Management System Software To Make Operations Easy

CarRentingSolution can streamline your business operations and help it grow much faster with increased revenues.

1. Be proactive not reactive - Get total insight into fleet management operations to prevent any issues from developing with regards to your vehicles. This way you have the chance to avoid problems and stay proactive even while your fleet grows.

2. Share the working load - You don’t have to do the work by yourself. The processes can be handled by empowering limited number of employees to collaborate fleet management operations. No formal training is required as the software is user-friendly.

3. Hold drivers accountable - Program will allow you to assign drivers for every vehicle in fleet, monitor the exact status of fleet vehicles and driver’s driving habits to determine whether some of them require extra training for performance improvement.

Key Advantages Of Buying Fleet Management Software For Small Business

1. Efficient Time Management - As the software program has an in-built GPS feature, administrators or managers can save and manage time effectively. This is because users get continuous traffic updates pertaining to rented vehicles as well as have details of their maintenance and insurance schedules at their fingertips to plan further business enhancements.

2. Fuel Management System - FMS functionality that is part of the software system leads to reduction in costs. Information relating to fuel consumption when combined along with planned optimization of vehicle routes invariably reduces fuel consumption. In addition, GPS tracking enables identifying exact location of vehicles as also surrounding traffic information for planning gas refuelling.

3. Benefit With Cost Savings - On the basis of mileage, time and date, FMS system can provide notification on maintenance of every vehicle in fleet and this can ensure reduction in maintenance costs. And FMS feature can be also instrumental in preventing vehicle theft or reducing probability of vehicles meeting withan accident thereby ensuring affordability of auto insurance premiums.

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Make Rental Fleet Management Easier With A Highly Customizable Software

    Get Tailor-Made Solutions For Your Specific Rental Business Needs And Reap An Array Of Benefits

  • Raise productivity & profitability of your car renting business with a multi-featured smart solution.
  • Optimize fleet operations with proper planning and continuously tracking availability of vehicles.
  • Monitor driver's driving habits to ensure safety of passengers with in-cab video and speed gauge meter.
  • Omnitracs reporting & subsequent analysis helps user to get detailed insight into overall business functioning.
  • Authorized users can share data with important back-end office systems through 3rd party integrations.
  • Integrated monitoring feature enables prolonging life of vehicles and equipments.
  • Facilitates rental car booking software process and also helps in collecting payments online.
  • Enables increased compliance with service hours, vehicle inspection requirements.