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What is CarRentingSolution?

CarRentingSolution or CRS is a web based software application which has been specifically developed to make management of car rental business easier. By using this program, business owners can book online reservations as well as manage their entire vehicle fleet from a centralized office.

How does CRS actually work?

CRS has two vital components-Admin section and User Section. Once you get the application installed at your office, this will allow creation of your database on our powerful server. The management user can access the Admin section with the help of username and password provided. This will allow the user to use templates for adding or deleting features based upon their specific business needs and preferences.

Why should you opt for CRS?

The primary reason buyers prefer CRS is because it is feature-rich and cost-effective. In addition, the software can be fully customized to most unique requirements of your car rental business.

Is CarRentingSolution affordable?

Yes, CarRentingSolution makes economic sense considering the features which have been provided in it. No extra fees to be paid for license or servers.

What will be the mode of payment?

Payment will be accepted through PayPal or Wire Transfer only. Your transaction ‘s security is assured in this manner as well as the speed with which your purchase can be processed.

Will fees be charged for support services?

For the first 30 days the support staff will provide services including assistance in how to customize and operate the system through, phone and email support. After 30 days service/assistance calls will be chargeable. Please discuss with support staff at the time of the request for the fee structure.

After purchase how long will it take to get the activation code?

Once you have purchased the CRS software application by making use of your credit card, wire transfer or PayPal, you will directly receive source code along with the application, which can be immediately used.

Do you offer customization services for developing other features?

Yes, we provide customization services for designing and developing additional features desired by our clientele. Since CRS software offers infrastructural flexibility to add or delete features, our support services will provide some of the best software solutions for your auto rental business.